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Translated from hindi/gujarati (plus others) as brother. Used to call your younger brother if he has a stupid name you can't be arsed to say or to embarrass him infront of friends.
Thats my BHAI, he "works" with computers...
by hmmmm March 29, 2005
a member of the underworld (Mumbai Slang), a gangster
Jo bhai denga tras, ho jayenga woh khallas!
(If you give bhai a headache, you'll be dead meat!)

abe oye, jagga bhai se panga nahi leneka
(You dont mess with jagga bhai)
by channelV July 16, 2011
1. Hindi for brother.

2. The man who gets shit done. Similar to a don.
1. Woh mera bhai hai.

2. Javed bhai will take care of you.
by DeivHind February 01, 2010
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