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She's a cow girl! Cow girl=Sexy ;) Verrryyyy Sexy! and probably the best looking girl you'll meet! She knows exactly what to say, having boys crawling on hands and knees. Sweeter than apple pie, most beautiful thing in sight! She's got every flavor of guy begging for her. But she stays to just one. :) "El Oh El" Beautiful inside and out, and her own one of a kind scent :) "Man I wish I could have a Logan" Yeahh.. me too! "It'd be better than a dream!"

Logan=Hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :)))))))

You won't resist. <3
She's got quite the booty

Hottest chick to come through your town ;)

Logan snatches away boys away from their ladies.

OMG I just saw Logan. "really?!" Yeahh!! *both jaw's drop*
"EL EM AY OH" Your Logan! "what?" Your sexy!

"Wake up in the morning feeling like Logan" Twice as good as P-diddy.... :)
by "EL OH EL" July 20, 2011
A synonym for small, or tiny, especially used in relation to the phallis (penis).
Girl # 1: did you see his penis?
Girl # 2: yea, it was Logan sized...
Girl # 1: ooohhh... sorry...
by Patrick Earley July 07, 2008
Logan's are sweet, kind, and loyal. They always try to protect the ones they love and care about and would do anything for their friends. They have dreamy voices and one look from them will make your heart melt. They also have a great sense of humor and love to make the ones they love laugh. They're amazing and inventive lovers and are always sure to please their partner. A night spent with a Logan will be the best of your life, though you'll wake the next morning sore and in serious need of hydration. If you are lucky enough to have caught the interest of a Logan, be sure to hang on to them.
by LRWalker May 29, 2013
A guy that thinks he's extremely funny, (and sometimes is) but usually says something stupid just by calling you something that doesn't make sense! He's pretty cool, but likes to argue. . . Most people find him annoying (cucklez), but that's just he doesn't like them, or he's trying to annoy them. . . He's very smart and math teachers love him xD
1.Cucklez- Logan is soo annoying!!!!!!! Logan- you're annoying! 2. Teacher- Wow, Logan you got the answer right! Logan-always!
by Anonymous14xD!!!! October 19, 2012
Logan's are the coolest kid's you'll ever know, they know how to treat a lady right, and can always tell when something's wrong, you see these Logan's are a rare bread with ginger hair, pale and perfect little freckles on his cheeks, shoulders and back. Logan's usually have the hot's for blondes.. but once they come to their senses, they realize they have a think for brunettes, But a certain Logan had the hots for a certain Amanda. Logan's and Amanda's are always the perfect combo, they're personalities can be total opposites and yet they can fit together perfectly<3
"Did you see that Logan?"
"Yeah, it's too bad he's with an Amanda, I'll bet they'll never break up!"
by thatonebetch95 April 01, 2012
The act of becoming extremely drunk.
Oh man, I got so Logan last night!

Dude, remember Josh's party? Yeah man, Jake was so Logan that night!
by Sedyel October 25, 2011
A nerdy little emo boy who's scared of everything. He kisses boys because he is emo. Logan's are normally very cute. They're very sweet, and fall in love to easy. They also generally are fat with curley hair. Oh, they are also normally at giving head. So have fun boys, he's one of the best. ;)
by horny1234 September 23, 2010