A boy who rocks..in his own mind. He thinks he's just so freaking hot and amazing when really, he's obviously not. He can hardly function without a walker and never does what he's told. Also has the WORST hair anyone has ever seen.
My cousin, Logan, needs a freaking haircut, but he can't get one without taking his pink/purple walker down to ye old barber shop...
by aspiration August 24, 2008
The most amazing woman on earth! Logan's are intelligent, awesome, loyal, honest, and fun to be around. She is absolutely gorgeous. Stays loyal. Ride or die type of chick. Usually laid back, but she's a tough chick! Sexy as fuck!!! Logan is one of the realest females you'll ever meet. So real, hood, honest, classy, and loyal! She's amazing! She got a lot of dudes tryna get her beautiful ass! She know what a man wants. Know how to please them. Logan is fucking amazing!!! So down to earth. You ever run across her don't lose her!
Man, I want a down ass chick.

Yeah, like Logan, she cool she got a fat ass!
by Daisy143 January 07, 2014
To get so hammered on a trip that you have to leave early.
Dude, Brent drank so much in Vegas that he got logan'd and had to fly out three days early.
by traderblue July 10, 2008
Logan the GIRL is an amazing best friend. Very intelligent, unique, pretty and kind. Logan sucks at singing but will do it anyway because she doesn't care what anyone thinks. She is super funny and will make you smile everytime you see her. Logan is simply AMAZING.
My best friend is such a logan
by datgurl124 December 29, 2013
A typical rich white girl, she's so popular that even if you don't like her you pretend you do!
You would expect Logans' to be the ultimate bitch but they're one of the nicest girls you'll meet, their beauty shines inside and out!
Logan: let's take a selfie

Logan: my parents took the keys to my range rover for a week ugh

Logan: hey are you okay?
Logan: where's the nearest starbucks?
by ctogxx March 15, 2014
An amazingly hot, sweet guy. Usually has blue or green eyes that are very beautiful. Very funny and friendly. Once you get to know him, you'll never want to lose him as a friend. Very loving and loyal in a relationship. Usually stuck on the same girl for a year or two. Will never leave your side. Can be annoying though but in a funny way.
2nd Person- See what?
1st Person- That blonde just got asked out on a date by Logan
2nd Person- I wish I were her!!!!!
by Hadly June 24, 2013
SO HOTT. Prettiest girl on the planet. Wicked nice and funny. Such a good friend.
My dream is too be a LOGAN. <3
by Albert Einsteinn Boi October 05, 2011

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