This is a man or woman's name
A man/woman with chocolate brown eyes that will melt your heart. they have a perfect smile and they will always stand up for you when in troube. they will always take care of his peers before themself.
Girl: Logan I am scared
Logan: What happened? Tell me.
by leahball April 12, 2015
A unisex name, generally male however, of Scottish origin. It means "little hollow."
Generally a man of great character, possessed of a fabulous sexual magnitism. Courageous, your quintessential knight-in-shining armor type.

But not as good as: Zach, skylar, James, etc.
Logan is cool
by Killer12589 November 30, 2013
A guy that thinks he's extremely funny, (and sometimes is) but usually says something stupid just by calling you something that doesn't make sense! He's pretty cool, but likes to argue. . . Most people find him annoying (cucklez), but that's just he doesn't like them, or he's trying to annoy them. . . He's very smart and math teachers love him xD
1.Cucklez- Logan is soo annoying!!!!!!! Logan- you're annoying! 2. Teacher- Wow, Logan you got the answer right! Logan-always!
by Anonymous14xD!!!! October 19, 2012
SO HOTT. Prettiest girl on the planet. Wicked nice and funny. Such a good friend.
My dream is too be a LOGAN. <3
by Albert Einsteinn Boi October 05, 2011
A hot guy who will not make a commitment to anyone, he is just out for a good time. This makes him look like a flake, but the reality is he is just too self-centered to care about anybody else’s feelings. Don’t get involved with this guy, unless all you want is mediocre sex.
That guy's name should be Logan, hot but sucks in bed.
by a-a-d-chapman August 28, 2010
A typical rich white girl, she's so popular that even if you don't like her you pretend you do!
You would expect Logans' to be the ultimate bitch but they're one of the nicest girls you'll meet, their beauty shines inside and out!
Logan: let's take a selfie

Logan: my parents took the keys to my range rover for a week ugh

Logan: hey are you okay?
Logan: where's the nearest starbucks?
by ctogxx March 15, 2014
A very stupid person
"Wow my son got only got 10% on his report card. he needs to stop acting like a Logan"
by catfish123123 January 03, 2010

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