SO HOTT. Prettiest girl on the planet. Wicked nice and funny. Such a good friend.
My dream is too be a LOGAN. <3
by Albert Einsteinn Boi October 05, 2011
She's a cow girl! Cow girl=Sexy ;) Verrryyyy Sexy! and probably the best looking girl you'll meet! She knows exactly what to say, having boys crawling on hands and knees. Sweeter than apple pie, most beautiful thing in sight! She's got every flavor of guy begging for her. But she stays to just one. :) "El Oh El" Beautiful inside and out, and her own one of a kind scent :) "Man I wish I could have a Logan" Yeahh.. me too! "It'd be better than a dream!"

Logan=Hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :)))))))

You won't resist. <3
She's got quite the booty

Hottest chick to come through your town ;)

Logan snatches away boys away from their ladies.

OMG I just saw Logan. "really?!" Yeahh!! *both jaw's drop*
"EL EM AY OH" Your Logan! "what?" Your sexy!

"Wake up in the morning feeling like Logan" Twice as good as P-diddy.... :)
by "EL OH EL" July 20, 2011
A typical rich white girl, she's so popular that even if you don't like her you pretend you do!
You would expect Logans' to be the ultimate bitch but they're one of the nicest girls you'll meet, their beauty shines inside and out!
Logan: let's take a selfie

Logan: my parents took the keys to my range rover for a week ugh

Logan: hey are you okay?
Logan: where's the nearest starbucks?
by ctogxx March 15, 2014
A unisex name, generally male however, of Scottish origin. It means "little hollow."
Generally a man of great character, possessed of a fabulous sexual magnitism. Courageous, your quintessential knight-in-shining armor type.

But not as good as: Zach, skylar, James, etc.
Logan is cool
by Killer12589 November 30, 2013
amazing person. makes you fall for them so hard , very very chill , you will most deffinatley want more . loves to "hook up" may end up heartbroken in the end. but you will have fun while it lasted and love the memories. loves country music and drinking bourbon. says rip, trip, and jokes a lot ! very very good kisser ! has nicknames for himself , moose, logdog .. just to name a few . but you will never foget them !
Logan is a really chill guy.
steal your heart
by sbsb22 April 22, 2009
To get so hammered on a trip that you have to leave early.
Dude, Brent drank so much in Vegas that he got logan'd and had to fly out three days early.
by traderblue July 10, 2008
So there's this guy named Logan, and he's really cool. He does strange things, like eat small children, but he's also really nice and a great friend. He may be the destroyer of universes, but his son Emerson, the destroyer of world's, still loves him. Logan is one of the best guys you'll ever meet and make sure to never insult him, because he will break your kneecaps with a blunt object.
Logan...that's kinda weird...
by jessisawkward March 27, 2016
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