To get so hammered on a trip that you have to leave early.
Dude, Brent drank so much in Vegas that he got logan'd and had to fly out three days early.
by traderblue July 10, 2008
The best boyfriend ever. (:
i love yu logan charles. <3
very cutee, and amazingg.
best boyfriend ever bitches! i love yu logan <3
by Ilovelogan (: March 23, 2011
An infamous douche bag with no heart.
My boyfriend had sex with my best friend. "Hes a Logan."
by BeepBuggieBeep September 20, 2010
A girl who is very smart and focused on her studies, sometimes people might think she is a geek and she is, but that's not a bad thing. A Logan is also very beautiful and athletic, she is not the girl that all the guys think they want but they do. She is shy and has a charm and sweetness that will drive a guy crazy. But be careful, as sweet as she is she has a strong, tough, adventurous side and she will leave you in the dust if you hold her back. and the best part is no one can have her.
Oh, I wish I could be like her she is such a Logan. Did you hear, Jake is going to ask out a Logan, of course she will say no. Martha joined the Peace Corp, she is being such a Logan.
by larken weir February 03, 2010
A douchewiper of a whiteboy who stays home playing x-box all day playing with his pickle. He is also a korean lover most likely. Also he hates gingers unless thier woman who shoot well. On ocasion he is known to argue with 62 year old Vietnam Veterans and African-American Navy Retirees. He has an unusally small penis surrounded in a forrest of undergrowth and pine trees.
white choci 1 "hey man did you see that logan riding 1-67 yesterday???"

White choci 2 "yeah man it was the shit fo shizzle in and out my izzzle!"
by and who are you? April 10, 2009
Logan is a common name among males originating from Europe. Logan's are usually tan and sexually attractive and have a good taste in girls. Most Logan's are very outgoing and not shy to make a joke.
Wow, That Logan sure does get a lot of booty!
by ProfessorDimes March 11, 2015
Also a name for a girl with high self-esteem. Full of her self has to be the centre of attention. A kind carrying and loveable girl. Has multiple guys falling for her. Always sanitizing and keep clean. Always up for a heart to heart. Hilarious girl with a weird sense of humour.
"I love Logans new hair cut" said Mackenzie
by Rachel222 January 10, 2015

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