A unisex name, generally male however, of Scottish origin. It means "little hollow."
Generally a man of great character, possessed of a fabulous sexual magnitism. Courageous, your quintessential knight-in-shining armor type.

But not as good as: Zach, skylar, James, etc.
Logan is cool
by Killer12589 November 30, 2013
A guy that thinks he's extremely funny, (and sometimes is) but usually says something stupid just by calling you something that doesn't make sense! He's pretty cool, but likes to argue. . . Most people find him annoying (cucklez), but that's just he doesn't like them, or he's trying to annoy them. . . He's very smart and math teachers love him xD
1.Cucklez- Logan is soo annoying!!!!!!! Logan- you're annoying! 2. Teacher- Wow, Logan you got the answer right! Logan-always!
by Anonymous14xD!!!! October 19, 2012
To get so hammered on a trip that you have to leave early.
Dude, Brent drank so much in Vegas that he got logan'd and had to fly out three days early.
by traderblue July 10, 2008
This is a man or woman's name
A man/woman with chocolate brown eyes that will melt your heart. they have a perfect smile and they will always stand up for you when in troube. they will always take care of his peers before themself.
Girl: Logan I am scared
Logan: What happened? Tell me.
by leahball April 12, 2015
A girl who is very smart and focused on her studies, sometimes people might think she is a geek and she is, but that's not a bad thing. A Logan is also very beautiful and athletic, she is not the girl that all the guys think they want but they do. She is shy and has a charm and sweetness that will drive a guy crazy. But be careful, as sweet as she is she has a strong, tough, adventurous side and she will leave you in the dust if you hold her back. and the best part is no one can have her.
Oh, I wish I could be like her she is such a Logan. Did you hear, Jake is going to ask out a Logan, of course she will say no. Martha joined the Peace Corp, she is being such a Logan.
by larken weir February 03, 2010
A boy who rocks..in his own mind. He thinks he's just so freaking hot and amazing when really, he's obviously not. He can hardly function without a walker and never does what he's told. Also has the WORST hair anyone has ever seen.
My cousin, Logan, needs a freaking haircut, but he can't get one without taking his pink/purple walker down to ye old barber shop...
by aspiration August 24, 2008
Perfect synonym for "shit."
Examples include: "Logan out of luck" "Up Logan's Creek" "Logan out of an event" "Get your Logan together" "Logan happens" "Who gives a Logan" "Logan for brains" "Logan a brick" "Piece of Logan" "Crock of Logan" "Scared Loganless" "What a Loganty thing to do" "Logan faced" "Logan housed" "Don't get on the Logan list" "bull Logan" "Shoot the Logan" "Hot Logan" "Eat Logan and howl at the moon" "A Logan eating grin" and most importantly, "Don't Logan all over your friends or you may end up an adjective..."
by Amandra's Bitch December 30, 2014

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