Hottest funniest girl you'll ever meet she is down to earth and very outgoing you'll never be down when your around her.She also has a banging body.You will wanna get with her once you see her.
That Logan yeah we will definitely hook up.
by Jakey-pooOo August 26, 2011
Logan the GIRL is an amazing best friend. Very intelligent, unique, pretty and kind. Logan sucks at singing but will do it anyway because she doesn't care what anyone thinks. She is super funny and will make you smile everytime you see her. Logan is simply AMAZING.
My best friend is such a logan
by datgurl124 December 29, 2013
An eponym: the SI unit for measuring penis

Penis having the approximate length and width of an average mans pinky

A synonym for small, or tiny, especially used in relation to the phallis, penis
His Logan was so small it was the size of his pinky.
by a-d-chapman October 03, 2010
1. Another name for a smaller than average penis.

2. A penis having the approximate length and/or width of an average mans pinky.

3. Male sexual organs that apparently haven't grown much since the age of 7.
I slept with him, but he had such a Logan I could barely feel it!

His package was so Logan-esque you can't even see it when he wears tight jeans.

A grown man with a Logan has a tough time finding XS condoms.

by lvbuilder March 20, 2009
This is a man or woman's name
A man/woman with chocolate brown eyes that will melt your heart. they have a perfect smile and they will always stand up for you when in troube. they will always take care of his peers before themself.
Girl: Logan I am scared
Logan: What happened? Tell me.
by leahball April 12, 2015
Logan is a incredibly sweet and funny guy. He isn't really a player, but if he meets the right girl, he will hold on to her as tight as he can. If you ever run into a Logan, you should hope that he likes you, cause his love is unconditional love. He's very loyal to his friends and family. He's also really athletic and amazing at sports. I Plus most of the Logan's you'll meet are really handsome😍
by julianee3310 March 10, 2015
A guy that thinks he's extremely funny, (and sometimes is) but usually says something stupid just by calling you something that doesn't make sense! He's pretty cool, but likes to argue. . . Most people find him annoying (cucklez), but that's just he doesn't like them, or he's trying to annoy them. . . He's very smart and math teachers love him xD
1.Cucklez- Logan is soo annoying!!!!!!! Logan- you're annoying! 2. Teacher- Wow, Logan you got the answer right! Logan-always!
by Anonymous14xD!!!! October 19, 2012
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