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This is the girl form of Logan: If you ever meet a girl named Logan she is likely to be country, sporty, and possibly a cheerleader. She usually has brown-blonde hair, brown or hazel eyes. Anyway looks good on a Logan. Logan doesn't like people to offend her because she's a beautiful girl who deserves no offense. She is a strong girl, with a strong heart.
Girl: You're so nice, we have so much in common!
Logan: We do! Would you like to hang out this Saturday and you can go to my cheerleading competition!
Girl: :D
by abbylovesmaddi March 26, 2011
An eponym: the SI unit for measuring penis

Penis having the approximate length and width of an average mans pinky

A synonym for small, or tiny, especially used in relation to the phallis, penis
His Logan was so small it was the size of his pinky.
by a-d-chapman October 03, 2010
Logan. A boy who is strong, confident, shy, nice and really gorgeous. If you meet him at motocross and say hi, he will probably just say you just came here to say hi? And then you will have to change your name. He is very sweet but shy, so if he talks to you, your the luckiest person in the world. You will probably want to see him all the time, but not knowing his last name, it's hard. Make sure you are nice to him because he's a person you'll want to keep in your life forever.
by Emma. P. H February 22, 2013
Hottest funniest girl you'll ever meet she is down to earth and very outgoing you'll never be down when your around her.She also has a banging body.You will wanna get with her once you see her.
That Logan yeah we will definitely hook up.
by Jakey-pooOo August 26, 2011
A unisex name.

Females with this name are sexy, powerful, thoughtful, smart, fun, cute, great lovers, and loyal friends.

Males with this name are the opposite of the females. They have a small penis, suck at sex, have no class, and are weak, indecisive, and just plain ugly.
She has to be a Logan perfect in every way.

He has to be a Logan, what a looser.
by a_d_chapman November 08, 2010
A boy who rocks..in his own mind. He thinks he's just so freaking hot and amazing when really, he's obviously not. He can hardly function without a walker and never does what he's told. Also has the WORST hair anyone has ever seen.
My cousin, Logan, needs a freaking haircut, but he can't get one without taking his pink/purple walker down to ye old barber shop...
by aspiration August 24, 2008
Logan's are the coolest kid's you'll ever know, they know how to treat a lady right, and can always tell when something's wrong, you see these Logan's are a rare bread with ginger hair, pale and perfect little freckles on his cheeks, shoulders and back. Logan's usually have the hot's for blondes.. but once they come to their senses, they realize they have a think for brunettes, But a certain Logan had the hots for a certain Amanda. Logan's and Amanda's are always the perfect combo, they're personalities can be total opposites and yet they can fit together perfectly<3
"Did you see that Logan?"
"Yeah, it's too bad he's with an Amanda, I'll bet they'll never break up!"
by thatonebetch95 April 01, 2012