The most amazing woman on earth! Logan's are intelligent, awesome, loyal, honest, and fun to be around. She is absolutely gorgeous. Stays loyal. Ride or die type of chick. Usually laid back, but she's a tough chick! Sexy as fuck!!! Logan is one of the realest females you'll ever meet. So real, hood, honest, classy, and loyal! She's amazing! She got a lot of dudes tryna get her beautiful ass! She know what a man wants. Know how to please them. Logan is fucking amazing!!! So down to earth. You ever run across her don't lose her!
Man, I want a down ass chick.

Yeah, like Logan, she cool she got a fat ass!
by Daisy143 January 07, 2014
Logan the GIRL is an amazing best friend. Very intelligent, unique, pretty and kind. Logan sucks at singing but will do it anyway because she doesn't care what anyone thinks. She is super funny and will make you smile everytime you see her. Logan is simply AMAZING.
My best friend is such a logan
by datgurl124 December 29, 2013
1. A large solid bowel movement. Typically one that sinks in the toilet or looks somewhat like a Log.
2. A douche bag guy who would be more appreciated and useful if he were a sunken piece of poop in a toilet.
-Hey can you believe that guy, all he does is lie, steal and cheat.
-Ya i know, he is such a Logan!
by Giahhh June 13, 2010
A Logan is someone who doesn't get mad easily but when he does, he gets MAD. Logan's always stick up for there friends no matter what. A Logan is a born leader and won't hesitate to take down anyone that's preventing him from success. Logan will gladly either lead you or follow you as long as you are a capable leader as well. Logan always gets the job done, failure is not an option. Logan can get any girl he wants and he knows it, but he stays humble. Logan's are usually sweet, muscular, and HOT. Not to Meantion they have the most amazing blue eyes.
"My friend Logan backed me up in a fight and we won"

"I wish I had a logan"
by Sexy man beast July 13, 2014
A douchewiper of a whiteboy who stays home playing x-box all day playing with his pickle. He is also a korean lover most likely. Also he hates gingers unless thier woman who shoot well. On ocasion he is known to argue with 62 year old Vietnam Veterans and African-American Navy Retirees. He has an unusally small penis surrounded in a forrest of undergrowth and pine trees.
white choci 1 "hey man did you see that logan riding 1-67 yesterday???"

White choci 2 "yeah man it was the shit fo shizzle in and out my izzzle!"
by and who are you? April 10, 2009
She's a cow girl! Cow girl=Sexy ;) Verrryyyy Sexy! and probably the best looking girl you'll meet! She knows exactly what to say, having boys crawling on hands and knees. Sweeter than apple pie, most beautiful thing in sight! She's got every flavor of guy begging for her. But she stays to just one. :) "El Oh El" Beautiful inside and out, and her own one of a kind scent :) "Man I wish I could have a Logan" Yeahh.. me too! "It'd be better than a dream!"

Logan=Hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :)))))))

You won't resist. <3
She's got quite the booty

Hottest chick to come through your town ;)

Logan snatches away boys away from their ladies.

OMG I just saw Logan. "really?!" Yeahh!! *both jaw's drop*
"EL EM AY OH" Your Logan! "what?" Your sexy!

"Wake up in the morning feeling like Logan" Twice as good as P-diddy.... :)
by "EL OH EL" July 20, 2011
1. Another name for a smaller than average penis.

2. A penis having the approximate length and/or width of an average mans pinky.

3. Male sexual organs that apparently haven't grown much since the age of 7.
I slept with him, but he had such a Logan I could barely feel it!

His package was so Logan-esque you can't even see it when he wears tight jeans.

A grown man with a Logan has a tough time finding XS condoms.

by lvbuilder March 20, 2009

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