Logan is a common name among males originating from Europe. Logan's are usually tan and sexually attractive and have a good taste in girls. Most Logan's are very outgoing and not shy to make a joke.
Wow, That Logan sure does get a lot of booty!
by ProfessorDimes March 11, 2015
Generally a man of great character, possessed of a fabulous sexual magnitism. Courageous, your quintessential knight-in-shining armor and incredible in bed.
"Logan is the perfect Boyfriend " and best sexual lover
by Peter lariviere February 20, 2015
Also a name for a girl with high self-esteem. Full of her self has to be the centre of attention. A kind carrying and loveable girl. Has multiple guys falling for her. Always sanitizing and keep clean. Always up for a heart to heart. Hilarious girl with a weird sense of humour.
"I love Logans new hair cut" said Mackenzie
by Rachel222 January 10, 2015
A verb

Meaning to lead someone on, maybe not intentionally, and just avoid them to drop that person's attraction.
Did you hear , Johnny kissed Mary and now he's not talking to her.

He's totally pulling a Logan
by jakethesexy June 08, 2014
A unisex name.

Females with this name are sexy, powerful, thoughtful, smart, fun, cute, great lovers, and loyal friends.

Males with this name are the opposite of the females. They have a small penis, suck at sex, have no class, and are weak, indecisive, and just plain ugly.
She has to be a Logan perfect in every way.

He has to be a Logan, what a looser.
by a_d_chapman November 08, 2010
Highest form of brilliance. Conqueror of greatness to the highest expertise. Carrier of excellence. A man who's body was chiseled by the gods them self. If one's name is Logan, he shall fear none, unless thy is a fat sea witch. When a Logan opens his blinds in the bright and early morning, he shall find nothing but the pastiest broads on his side of town. Most of which he will never return a phone call to. To be a Logan, one must consume and live only off of the planets finest beer, whiskey, and marijuana. An enemy of god.(but that is besides the point.) On one's bed, rather than pillows, you will find a Logan uses the plumpest breasts to rest his head upon every night. Logan's religion is based off of death metal, and takes part in rituals and ceremonies of fecal burning on neighbor's doorsteps. Why do these ceremonies occur you may ask?...because fuck em that's why.

The Logan is known to also have a system of method.
L: Lewer into hope
O: Obtain ones love
G: Get it on
A: Abandon emotionally
N: Never speak to the broad again.
skeeze bag broad: Oh my goodness there's this guy creeping hard on my facebook page.

random: he must be a Logan
by logsythrash February 01, 2012
a logan is usually an emo who listens to sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, and asking alexandria. he is shitty at all musical instruments and can't do anything artistic. he calls himself fat despite having a bmi of 1 for attention and calls himself ugly in front of girls to get they pity. he also writes poetry about cutting but doesn't have a scar on his body. claims he listens to death metal. don't believe that. says he ain't a poser but drinks starbucks like a white girl and cries when he falls on his skateboard. also jacks off to prepubescent anime boys
nigga if you thought yo poem was stupid you wouldn't be telling the whole trumpet section about it and be posting it on instagram I know u lyin lil bitch be smh at yo cocky emo cracka ass damn u logan
by trashqueen666 February 14, 2015

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