Abbreviated version of "polock", slang term for person of Polish descent.
Person 1: "We're making pierogies to celebrate your 'lock heritage."

Person 2: "Don't forget to put sour cream on them, or else they aren't fully 'lock."
by James Jayko December 08, 2008
A shortened version of Warlock, a class in World of Warcraft.
lol, i pwned that lock.
by P1rate February 21, 2005
Usually a mechanical (but can also be a computer or even mental device) to secure item(s). It can also be a place where ships are.. and shifty looking sailors...
Lock up your daughters!!
by leavethisplace June 30, 2003
To End A Relationship

Used Mainly By Youths In London
Millie: You Gonna Lock It With Him Then

Suzy: Yeah I FInk So
by Hollziiee October 19, 2008
also an alternative name for ganja/marijuana (used in the movie title: "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels")
Ed: Pass me the lock.
Bob: You're not English and stop pretending you understood the jokes in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
by brit-o-fish July 11, 2010
to end a relationship
boy: oh i locked it with her
by ConfusedOne August 27, 2008
In Los Angeles a word used for a crucial fade(fight) between two or more people.
I cant believe that bitch wanted to lock with me over a ugly ass nigga!
by P.Y.T August 25, 2005

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