To bounce a ball, preferably round, with your head into a basketball hoop.
"Wanna lock in the backyard later?"
by Lockin111111111 April 23, 2010
stay quite, remain idle doing no harm,
lock kore boshe thak.
by yazdi April 23, 2009
a certainty, such as of an outcome
That round of poker was a lock.
by The Return of Light Joker May 22, 2008
1. The absolute certainty of a future (often material) acquisition.
2. To have specific knowledge.
3. (In combat parlance) To acquire a target to be fired upon.
1. "Man, I got a lock on some killer cryppie for tonight."
2. "Yo, Bobby's got a lock on a kickin’ party 'round the corner; Let's roll!"
3. "I've got a six strobe. I think he's locked on us." –Goose in the motion picture "Top Gun" when an enemy fighter-jet’s missile targeting system zeros in for a kill shot.
by Occam February 08, 2005
U keepin a very close eye on tings
"keepin someone on lock"
boy1:I saw ur chick da other day with anova man
Boy2: naa man couldnt of been her.I have her on lock

another example:

girl 1:Im goin out
girl 2:where u goin
girl 1:somewhere y?
girl 2:where eva u go ill find ya
girl 1: naa u wont
girl 2: yes i will i got i orn lock
by Babii3 Blaze September 27, 2008
Something generally used to keep something safe from idiots who don't know how to pick it. Generally quite simple to pick. (See shim, lockpick)
You really think that lock will keep your bike safe?
by Jim September 28, 2003
current situation, being very busy
like j.lo's song all i have..."i got this thing on lock, so wit out me u'll b fine, rite....\
by kat June 23, 2003

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