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1 To have a situation under control 2 A person who is obsessive over another 3 A person currently taken
Damn foo, I got that girl on lock!
by sweetsmile4o8 June 29, 2003
1)to be under really strict, severe obligations or rules
2)to have somebody under control
1) \"Yo,i can\'t go outside man, my parents got me on lock, unda sum really strict shit yo.\"

2)Girlfriend:\"Come here, now!\"
Boyfriend: \"Im coming, sorry i can\'t go right now\"
Boyfriend\'s friend:Damn dawg she got u on lock
by vh_bkbombshell April 26, 2005
when you have your boyfriend or girlfriend wrapped round your little finger.
i told him walk the ten miles to my house and he did because he is "on lock"
by deb July 01, 2003
means when a boy or girl is soo in love they'd do absolutely anything and everything for a certain someone. Can also be called "Sprung"
"that girl's got him On Lock, he never comes out these days because he's always with her"
"that girl's got him Sprung, all he ever talks about is her"
by ChloeCampbell October 28, 2009
A synonym for being in jail. It can be the city or county jail as well as the state or federal prision. However if the confinement is involuntary then your are on lock.
I know this freak who let me hit cause her man is on lock.
by Bogga Red April 02, 2007

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