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To find or uncover a specific thing.
"I had a bitch of a time getting your sister off until I was able to zero in on the little man in the boat."
by Occam February 08, 2005
1. The absolute certainty of a future (often material) acquisition.
2. To have specific knowledge.
3. (In combat parlance) To acquire a target to be fired upon.
1. "Man, I got a lock on some killer cryppie for tonight."
2. "Yo, Bobby's got a lock on a kickin’ party 'round the corner; Let's roll!"
3. "I've got a six strobe. I think he's locked on us." –Goose in the motion picture "Top Gun" when an enemy fighter-jet’s missile targeting system zeros in for a kill shot.
by Occam February 08, 2005

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