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The ultimate aim of the llama.
"The llama's are revolting! They are moments from achieving world domination...."
by JuPitEer March 02, 2009
Christmas in Oxford. As the Oxford academic term finishes around the first of December, the OXmas season is approximately a month earlier than Christmas, but shares all the same festivities and traditions.
Merry OXmas!
by JuPitEer December 01, 2009
A urinal
Keep my seat warm, Jeeves, I'm heading to the slashpoint
by JuPitEer February 17, 2009
A term used when a cashpoint is needed urgently to pay for alcohol.
Barry: "Yo! We needs the beers"
Gav: "Aw, man, I need to hit up the lashpoint first."
by JuPitEer February 17, 2009
Originally originating from the game Wide World (where when a 6 is rolled the players are moved on the weather vane across the board, invariably where they do not want to go), weathervaned means to be generally beaten, owned or pwned, often unexpectedly.
Jeff: I'm only one square away from winning
Andrew: (Rolling a 6) WEATHERVANED!!!!

Reginald: Hullo, may I join you in partaking in this game of basketball.
Jamaal: No. (Hurling ball in Reginald's face) WEATHERVANED!!!!!!11!one!
by JuPitEer November 22, 2009
The curve seen on sites such as IMDb for so bad it's good films such as The Room and Troll 2. Named after 'St Hugh's Cinema Appreciation Soceity', a club that weekly shows so bad it's good films.
"Wow, Plan Nine From Outer Space must be hilarious, just look at its SHCAS curve".
by JuPitEer July 08, 2011
The day after OXmas day.
It's bOXing Day!
by JuPitEer December 01, 2009

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