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1) A box to keep food, especially a lunch. Often found at schools, picnics and such.
2) Someone fat who looooves to eat, such as Silent Bob from such films as "Jay and Silent Bob strike back"
1) "In my lunchbox I've got some bread..."
2) "Yo! Lunchbox, come over here!"
by Snoogans November 12, 2005
Awesome is a term that can mean cool or that something is very good or exciting.

Awesome seems to be used by teenagers, stoners and punked out people most often.
"My hands look AWESOME!"
"Your cake is AWESOME!"
"That ride was so AWESOME!"
by Snoogans April 11, 2006
Llamas are a very interesting type of animal who tend to be fluffy and spit at those they don't like.
That llama spit in my face when I pulled on its fluffy fur!
by Snoogans April 11, 2006

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