A term which originated in the first person shooter Quake in the late 90s, though it has since fallen out of use. A llama is a player who knows all the rules of an online game but uses their knowledge to disrupt or destroy his own team at any given opportunity, usually by exploiting game mechanics. A llama purposefully shoots teammates when friendly fire is on, drives vehicles into combat alone to be destroyed so teammates can't use them for their intended purpose, spams flash grenades at inopportune times, and blows up their own base if possible.

The term is related to but predates griefer, and was reserved for players disruptive only to their own team. A llama is different from a noob in that the player is not new to the game but in fact uses their familiarity with the game to purposefully harass their own team.

Probably one of the most well-known examples of llama behavior, crouching in front of the exit to your team's respawn in TFC used to prevent teammates from leaving the respawn room but kept the door open for enemies to shoot/spam grenades through the door, leaving your team defenseless.
"This guy won't stop throwing flash bangs and stealing all the health packs. What a llama."
by mbrunswick July 09, 2013
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This is the sly way to say pussy without being crude or using proper term such vagina. It is taken because the shape of an actual llama's mouth is similar to one of a female southern lips. In addition, they both spit.

Coming from the song: "Don't Wanna Trust a Llama" REMIX by Chynaman feat. Savage

Let me pet your llama!

You know her llama has been around the block, no... the neighborhood, no... the community! lol

Ooo I wouldn't hit that cause everyone knows she has a dirty llama
by Chynaman June 20, 2009
The animals who will rule the world one day. If you do not worship these animals they will feed you to their babies during the End of the World. But otherwise they are known to be the most awesome animals in the world.
One time I saw these llamas, and I thought they wanted to dance, but then an evil squirrel came up to me and bit my leg; so now I have rabies.
by Megan aoihagfdaf August 12, 2006
Meaning gun or weapon.
I was able to sneak my llama into the club.
by keenan88 September 01, 2005
The single greatest animal in the history of Earth.
One time a llama spit at me.
by sldkfjsldfjwogeewpnwv December 11, 2012
A magical mystical creature that is awesome. It is also related to an alpaca.
The llama apocalypse is quickly approaching.
by Izzeh Iz January 03, 2015
the most amazing animal. This animal is so amazing Chuck Norris himself owns one, or does the llama own chuck norris...
you:"one time a llama spit on me.......... it was awesome" end mean llamas quote
by xxionejapanimexx March 11, 2015
the original GMO animal. They are originally a cross between the alpaca and the guanaco. However, after, they were extremely successful as the Incas used them as beasts of burden and meat, which I can tell you from personal experience, is delicious. Now, they are found wild in South America, and have developed into a separate species.
The llama is my favorite animal.
by Meepster April 04, 2015
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