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liss (transitive verb): to love in a way the connotates friendship, not romance.
liss (noun): love of a friend.
I liss you.

Give him my all my liss.
by *<3*<3*<3* November 09, 2006
To be both Loved and Missed equally.
I Love You. I Miss You. I Liss You
by msimmers6865 March 29, 2012
to laugh and piss at the same time
Judy made me laugh so hard i lissed.
by Shandra August 08, 2007
a internet term mening to lick then kiss
by lonny moore July 13, 2003
n. A wuss or someone who is exceptionally effeminate.

v. slang for the action of taking a piss.
1 hit that blunt like a man, don't be such a liss!

2 hold my 40, I gotta go take a liss.
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