Used to describe a group of lesbians.

e.g. A murder of crows, a gaggle of geese, etc.
"We walked in to the bar to find that the pool table was taken over by a lick of angry bull dykes."

"This party promises to be entertaining. There's going to be a lick of hot lesbians attending."

"Wow did you see how quickly that lick of lipsticks started making out once they got drunk?"
by TeRouge January 19, 2010
a term similar to "scrub"; someone who is reckless or lacks common sense at times.
"You ready for the test today?"
"Nah, I got so drunk last night."
"Dude, you're a lickkkk!"
by babybabaaaay. May 03, 2010
an easy hustle.
I came up on this lick man, all I gotta do is f*ck this bitch and she'll give me half her check.
by beautiful_disast3r June 17, 2004
to steal or rob
im gonna lick ur car
by jessica May 18, 2004
N . A person that buys drugs.
Aye imma be right back i gotta go bust a lick
by ILoveTalking(: March 25, 2011
Game played by girls in their late 20's with their often unenthusiastic significant others. This game originated, and is still primarily concentrated in, the San Francisco Bay Area.
"Hey, Emu, please stop licking my neck while I am trying to sleep!"
by Jim5121 April 30, 2007
to dominate, conquer or own. Look under kill or pwn
I totally licked you at counterstrike.
I totally licked that wave.
Can I lick the last piece of cake?
by stephkim May 11, 2006

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