to dominate, conquer or own. Look under kill or pwn
I totally licked you at counterstrike.
I totally licked that wave.
Can I lick the last piece of cake?
by stephkim May 11, 2006
1) Give someone a beating.
2) Saying something's good i.e. replacement word for shit ("thats the lick/shit/bomb").
1) I'ma give him a good lickin'
2) That's da lick
by ak47 February 25, 2004
The collective noun for a group of cunts.

A number of people together all regarded to be cunts, or a gathering of naked women all with their lady bits exposed.
1, I'm sick of you guys. You're a real lick of cunts.
2, Peeking through the window into the girls changeroom I saw the most beautiful lick of cunts.
by azaroadsafe August 25, 2010
sometimes referred to as a drug sale or to
a specific customer that is purchasing a drug such as heroin or crack
Yo, that's my lick back up off him.

Hey that's my lick man.
by BMischief January 25, 2004
Used as a short form for liquor
Yo dawg lets hit up tha corner store n buy some licks
by iTzTR00PER March 13, 2012
to catch a sale, someone who is on drugs.
i have to catch a lick for $30
i can pay a lick to fix my car for cheap.
by s da god December 07, 2011
doing a line of cocaine or something related to crack. (this is an inside joke)
Omar is it true u did a lick?
Nah man i dont mess with that stuff.
by m_luna2007 November 22, 2010
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