10 milliliters of liquid ketamine. Usually comes in a vial.
I copped an American Yellow lick for $60.
by bknyc December 03, 2006
the act of moving your tounge on something/someone in a random motion.
Licking someone is usually an friendly act and licking something is probably what a dog would do (leaving slobber on the target object).
1) person1: *licks*

person2: *smiles*

2) dog: *licks a dinner plate*

human: " WTF are you doing scooby"
by <i^2+4 January 04, 2010
1.to move the tongue up, down, sideways, or across any suface
2.to hurt or harm
Brandy: You won't believe this girl!
Brittany: What happened?
Brandy: He licked my ass, so i gave him a lick.
Brittany: You go girl!
by Bebe Field February 27, 2006
1. Somebody who is easy to rob, or get money from.
2. An illegal way to get money easily, like robbin, hustlin, or sellin dope.
1. "Yo, he got robbed like 7 times dis week", "I know bruh hes Deerfields biggest lick forreal."

2. Yo I need like 200 bucks, imma go head n bust some licks for it.
by DeerField Hood Kid Jeff August 18, 2009
Dope fiends that are always willing to buy
I got alot of licks around the way if you wanna make that money
by Factually March 10, 2011
Used to describe a group of lesbians.

e.g. A murder of crows, a gaggle of geese, etc.
"We walked in to the bar to find that the pool table was taken over by a lick of angry bull dykes."

"This party promises to be entertaining. There's going to be a lick of hot lesbians attending."

"Wow did you see how quickly that lick of lipsticks started making out once they got drunk?"
by TeRouge January 19, 2010
A side hustle or way of making money.
Yeah man, I'm tryna (trying to) catch a lick right now.
by allpsyched March 01, 2012

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