AS in "What the lick read?"

Prison slang for "What's going on?" ie: Greeting. Common in southern prison culture.
You: What the lick read, J-rod?

J-Rod: I can't call it...You?
by Ernie Boss October 13, 2006
A kiss ass, or "bag licker".
"Man, Rick is washing the boss's car again? He's such a LICK!!"
by Rageaholic September 18, 2005
faggot - or someone who can't hang
"I threw up at my brothers party one time and now he won't buy me alcohol" "haha lickkkk"
by kt135853 August 11, 2014
easy money
whent down to the circle K and made some licks
by fddhf+65+64 November 03, 2009
A number of lesbians identifiable as a group; a lick of lesbians.
A chill shot down my spine when that particularly rough-looking flannel-clad lick passed us on the sidewalk.
by earthen_biscuit August 08, 2009
I don't give a lick about the room.

Lick you.
by PHS1980 May 04, 2009
Scottish slang for effort, speed or enthusiasm
Did you see him running after that bus? He was giving it big licks!
by Big Dooze July 10, 2008

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