1.For the use of lesser words; the slang use for a "crankhead"

2. One who tries too hard in life to be cool, knowingly knowing that they aren't but somehow pretend they are.
Man that dude with the shades on in the club is a leper.
by Breezy F. Baby August 12, 2007
Root: Limited-English-Proficiency-er One who does not speak enough English to be comprehensible, particularly on the telephone.
Before Sharon got Caller ID, she frequently had jagged and partial conversations with many a leper trying to get a hold of the immigrant who last inhabited her new home.
by Kate Thompson For Real August 16, 2008
Shane "skinbad" Comofort,
irish form of a leper
Guy 1: that guy's arm just fell off!!!
Guy 2: maybe its shane comfort?
Guy 1: oh yeah, never mind
by Anonymous September 25, 2003

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