1337z0rz n00bz0rz hackz0rz i pwnz0rz. j00 are t00 p00nz0rz for mehz0rz. like.. if i was like.. as 1337 as j00 den me and teh n00bies would like.. pwnz0rz?! p00n dawg..!
as in; j00 pwnz0rz teh n00bzorz. 1337?
by KaA suck balls January 14, 2004
l33t: homophonic launguage used 2 get round word filters, and because we just l4zy, or bor3d.
1 b3 sic 3v1l l33t at SOUL Caliber. HAHAHAHHA

Instead of fuc k, the use fsck or fu<k
by Chaos Dragon July 15, 2003
1. stupid people use it...
2. those stupid people are usually internet addicts...
3. May have originated from hackers, but now is used in online gaming, and chat rooms...
4. Users are usually immature...
5. very annoying...
6. ebonics for internet (bastardization of the english language)

leet is so freaking stupid.

useless from of speaking
by oneandonlyBighead December 10, 2005
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