Characters from anime and/or real life who are too amazing to be described in any other way.
L is so creamingly leet!
AiZen iZ thA pwnaGE 7331|\|355 gAWd
by Peterrrr January 08, 2008
Leet is another word for 'Elite' often used by hackers. It could be used in numbers like 1337
My version of leet is a verb meaning cool, spiffy, or wicked and is a mix between sweet and llama.
1. your s0 l33t!
2. llama + sweet =Leet
by Amy_The_Dog September 07, 2005
L33+ Was used by hackers in the 80s and late 70s also used by people trying to piss off the FBI but was brought back by its original users and thier kin in 1999 when AC or asheron's call came out and then went to CS from people who played the same game
CS = |)3v1l

leet = I fun but yet pointless thing the ruined my grahmer
by R0x0r5 M1c0wn4g3 December 20, 2005
Being very abnormally good at sumthing is to be "leet"...
"Nathan has too leet skills for Chris and Rowan at Halo 2"
"Nathan and Courtz have leet skills alround"
"El K is leet at skimming"
"Steve is leet at skating"
"Divine Emcee is leet at freestylin'"
by Emcee N8 Dogg January 23, 2007
1.the Japanese cereal with the cool asian on it

2.a term used that is okay
1.oatmeal is to sucks. eat l33t
2.that was just l33T
by annonymous March 31, 2005
One who 0wns you for fun.

See CGBeowulf
CGBeowulf is leet. He hax0rz j0r g1bs0n.
by Anon November 25, 2003
1337z0rz n00bz0rz hackz0rz i pwnz0rz. j00 are t00 p00nz0rz for mehz0rz. like.. if i was like.. as 1337 as j00 den me and teh n00bies would like.. pwnz0rz?! p00n dawg..!
as in; j00 pwnz0rz teh n00bzorz. 1337?
by KaA suck balls January 14, 2004

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