The showing of your super skills at wasting your life at a game to become a superior player to mock lower superior players.
I am so leet, I smacked a noob and made him cry for it.
by Thenoobletator November 02, 2006
1. Shortened form of the word "elite". Can have a negative connotation if in reference to someone who is haughty and snobbish or can have a positive connotation referring to someone who is the best at something.

2. Typing dialect, using numbers for letters or other such variant.
The english monarchy was way too leet for me.


That soccer player is seriously leet.


Jake was using leet today in the chatroom.
by cypat25 July 03, 2005
leet l33t l337 1337 - "elite" in computer terms, getting lucky at a computer game and actually doing half decent for a change, hacker wannabes. This term can also be used in a generic slang in chat rooms
"I was playing counter strike last night, and i actually killed someone, im proper leet" or when there referring to me because im uber
"I was playing counter strike last night and some guy was on, he was leet, i wish i was a good player who didnt have to resolve to cheating to get more kills than deaths"
by Matt November 10, 2003
Often used in internet chat meaning 'cool' or 'wicked'
Example 1:

Guy 1: "I got a new PC today"
Guy2: "leet, what's it like?"

Example 2:

I just got this leet new phone
by killer instinict February 23, 2006
1337, the H4x0r version.
Roots in Counter Strike gaming culture, where one who cheats 'hax'('h4x') and one who is awesome is 'leet.' Faster with numbers than letters, '1337' is more frequent than 'leet' and just as easily understood
that headshot was 1337
by Foilbunny April 24, 2005
1.The latin Language of the Internet (dead language)
2. Exclamation Cool neat
3. Positive description of a Person
1. he can speak Leet...
2. Thats so fucking Leet
3. he's so damn leet
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
to be "elite", in only a computer sense. to use on the streets would not be appropriate.
"dude i just hacked, i'm leet"
by x[zer0] July 31, 2003

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