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A low life burn out. Normally seen driving an old Camaro/Firebird covered in primer spots and Led Zepplin booming from the stereo. A chain wallet and a jean jacket is always part of the ginker look. This term may have originated in East Brunswick New Jersey in the 70s.
Wow, that ginker sure has a nice car!
by Shoe April 14, 2004
Immense skill and superiority over everything else in the universe.
My leetness makes you look ghey and noobish...noob!
by Shoe May 11, 2004
When your eating ham straight from the bag.
Yo you making a sandwich?
Nah, Im just free baggin.
by shoe February 23, 2005
a begger that steals from another begger
I wish there wern't so many yeggs.
by shoe October 31, 2004
1. to gank, steal, or otherwise fuckup the rotation of the controller in a video game
2. to drop dice in such a way as to guarantee your desired outcome, thereby removing the chance element from the game.
3. to have a forehead that defies physics
4. the inablity to have an indoor voice.
5. to never win a tournament
Stop malising, fucktard.
by Shoe November 17, 2004
n. the marks made from a highlighting pen.
The textbook was filled with highlation.
by shoe April 27, 2004
you are doodah, i am doodah, your mom is doodah
Where the hell did doodah go?
by shoe September 22, 2003

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