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Dick: Hi Frank!
Frank: Shut up Dick!
Dick: Why, what's up!?
Frank: I'm playing WoW, can't u see?
Dick: Ass crack leet mf!

by kvakky May 14, 2008
Dipshits, Here's the story of leet. Two hackers meet, Hacker 1 says "Well, we can hack something but if someone searches through keywords like 'I'll hack you!!!!' they'll find us... What do you think?", Hacker 2 says "Well, I've had an idea... We type using letters and numerical codes so incoherent and unreadable, nobody can read them." Hacker 1 developed the language and quickly started with a softcore leet, then developed hardcore leet. Softcore leet is much easier to read, using words like 'haxorz' which the common monkey could understand is meant to be 'hacker'. They named the language 'leet' because they were 'elite' hackers. The more this numerical language spread the more it became widely used by wannabe hackers, which is why we hear so many pissed off at leet-users. You'll get props if you use words only a elite-leet-user can read. Which is what leet was derived from: elite=leet. Leet spelled in leet is 1337 and most people just take it for the common misunderstanding that (1) A n00b's trying to be cool acting like he knows leet (2) a hacker is here (3) where's my anti-virus disk?!?!?!?! (4) an elite hacker or a wannabe hacker.

To make a very feeble attempt to stomp all the noobs out of the world...
If you can't understand hardcore leet, if you can't hack a hotmail, if you can't hack a forum, and if you can't hack a harder place like google once in a while, then you're a sad sad little n00b who thinks he's cool and can hack. Leet is not to be used every other word because it's now considered an abbreiation for: ban or kick me out of this place... Llama's are the only people who can use leet because half of them fulfill the above tasks. Most people consider llama's to be n00bs or wannabe hackers while to be considered a llama at all you have to hack SOMETHING, but some people will always try and act like a hacker saying they are a llama and sometimes making the big mistake to call themselves elite, and then getting their ass e-kicked.
1*/1\1/1\ @,3771/1\1/@, 731: 1=0-@1( 00-7 01= 1:31-3!!!
by Naruto Uz May 13, 2006
An online or cell phone IM language now used mostly by non-adults, but having richer roots in the 1980's programming culture. Shares many memes with "ubonics", a discredited movement from before most users of "leet" were even born, celebrating ignorance and improper use of English. Much popular "leet" phraseology is simply glorified typos. Of course, teens and pre-teens have every right to a private code, this is part of the human experience. However, most people will out-grow "leet", except true social retards. Anyone over 20 using "leet" is suspect.
Exception: IM shorthand, such as "lmao".
("shorthand" is a word from the dark ages when people actually transcribed oral enouncications with pen and paper.)
1. I'm so leet dat I can IM without anybody knowing what the h311 I is sayizzing.
2. I is an ignorant crack-a-lacking moron.
by Jayskin October 01, 2005
language used by gamers to prove that they really are members of the "leet" (elite). not to be used by n00b l4m3|25.
d00d, j00 5h07220r m3h. wh47 4r3 j00? j00 4r3 4 f444449907.
In no fewer words...
You have to be a 'leet' interweb expert to say leet.
Use this if you'r a tosspot.
I can hack mainframes, I am leet.
by Elite-not-leet June 16, 2003
1. A miguided belief that spelling words wrong is cool.
2. The self given title of people who spell words wrong or make up words altogether.
3. The use of letters as words.
4. The use of numbers as words or parts of words.
5. A word used by people on the internet to cover up the fact that they are semi-literate.
Leet guy: Pwnzors
Normal guy: You are stupid
Leet guy: stfu PWN
Normal guy: "Pwn" is not a word
by Warrinder Lopez September 04, 2005
omfg, j00 411 r 73h n00blets X3pt #3 {t3h Suck it, bitches m4n}. j00 411 s4y "Oh, it stands for elite." |\| () 5 |-| `/ 7 !!!!!!111!!1one

If you can read that, your IQ is above 80, and I congradulate you. that's an example of softcore leet, except the last part, which is hardcore, since it replaces every word with symbols. What "Suck it, bitches" failed to mention was that its use has indeed fallen out of the hands of those who are leet, and is now widely used by any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Please, don't use leet unless you are t3h pr0g (a programmer) or t3h h4x0r (a hacker). And even then, keep it in your comments in code, not on chat boards. It makes a mess of things....
Softcore: t3h l33t
Hardcore: 0 |\/| |= 9 73|-| 1337!!!11!11!1one
Nooblet: leet

//t3h 0ff537 h34d3r i5h --403B3a 65 64--
*0mfg 7h15 15 m3h c0d3!!
*n0 r34d j0 N00B!!!
"j00 n00bs suxx0rz, | 0wnz j00r @$$ a7 t3h CS GLASS TRAP"
by RealityRipple August 08, 2005

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