Derived from "elite", used to express satisfaction or excellence. Known to online circles (most popular amongst gamers) as an elevated status in something or someone. Also gave way to "leet-speak" which uses miss-matched characters, instead of letters, to form sentence structure. Leet-speak has no general form, and is left open to the translator's imagination when written.
"j00 n00b5 4|23 n0 m4tch 4 meh l33tn3$$!!1"
"0 \/\/ /\/ 3 |) \/\/ | *|* |-| 3 4 $ '/ !!!1!1"
by sir_ralphie May 21, 2005
Short for elite, leet represents exactly what elite stands for and more. Confined to mainly hard-core gamer use.
Damn, that kid is leet.
by Jeff April 15, 2004
A word emo/mainstream posers use without knowing its meaning
check out my converses, LEET!!!!!!
by The_Dark_Side May 08, 2005
An alternitive way of typing, using symbols to form letters. It's very annoying, and the inventor of this shit will be killed if not already dead. Mostly used in online Video Games.
Leet is annoying, and retarted.
by (SIC)Drummer November 07, 2004
Variation of elite; very good/skilled at something. Can also be written: "l33t, 133t, l337, 1337", usually by fags/nerds/hackers who type in numbers, and it is only really used in internet multiplayer games, never in real life otherwise you'll get shot.
Newbie: How do you play this game?
Hacker: Haha see my LEET powers!
Newbie: ...fag.
by Drez October 24, 2004
1) A small creature in the game "Anarchy Online", commonly used for shooting practise

2) A form of internet slang, replacing letters for numbers, originally derrived from the word "elite"
1) *character name* is attacked by a Leet

2) 7H15 15 1337
by Ruku October 13, 2004
Often used as sarcasm or to humor somebody else when one person describes to another a drastic event that the second person could care less about.
Guy_01: "oh my god dude, I just won the lottery!"

Guy_02: "leet"
by Sess0r December 28, 2003

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