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Name used to call cider (mainly frosty jacks) in Strabane.
"gone pass me over the leets n dillutes"
by RachyHegz September 25, 2008
It means Elite in the meaning of the original "word" 1337, 1337 kind of upside down will spell LEET, L33T if you want to, Leet when you say it sounds like elite, and although elite is not used very often you say it when someone is "really pro" or "really awesome" or something is really awesome.
Hey *friend* have you seen the new starcraft 2? It's really Leet!

I played CS yesterday, there was this really 1337-guy...
by Darundo October 04, 2010
A variant of abbreviated hacker language, where most letters are replaced with non-alphabetical characters. Typically only used by those with extreme social disorders, obsessive gamers, and those who want to conceal their conversations from luddite passersby. Sentences in leet may or may not include punctuation, and some words are purposely scrambled to avoid censure by automated language editors (e.g. pr0n)
+#3 @r+1(3 1$ @11 1n 133+ $0 1 d0n+ 93+ 1+

Translation: The article is all in leet, so I don't get it.
by Jon VS May 28, 2005
An internet/gaming language derived from a hacker group's code language. that group exploited a hole in system security many years back. They would mainly use the port number 31337, ELEET, ELITE Basically showing they were elites at the time in the feild of hacking. Now L33TSpeach is used by any person who plays CS consistantly, or reads Megatokyo.
j00 4r3 4 f00 f0r |\|07 k|\|0w1|\|g 1337 5P34K!
by KilikMatsumoto April 08, 2005
1. A court of manorial lords used to settle local disputes
2. The jurisdiction of this court
John (esquire): Hey, Edmund, didst thou checketh out the leet today? I managede to get a settlemente on the boundaries of mine fallow lands and was verily compensatede with 20 heads of sheep!
Edmund: L33t!
John (esquire): ...Whate?
by Josh Turnbull November 03, 2009
leet or |_33+ is the language used by hackers
|-|4<|{3|^ 4 3\/4 (translation from leet: Hacker 4 ever)
by Xiinazz February 23, 2007
To mean mad, mental, insane, crazy, loopy etc. This is only in the town of Castleford England.
I can't believe you're getting back with that ginger minger who tried to cheat on you when you can do better as you prooved on friday Night. You must be fucking leet!
by Tin of 3/16th rivet holes. December 24, 2008