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Break the word down.
Bum - Ass
Skeet - Sperm

That does NOT mean close friend!

So basically, calling a friend a "bumskeet", you're calling them ass sperm.

Good job.

Stay away from the internet.
There are no examples, nobody use this word. It's really, really fucking dumb. Bum skeet, nobody can use.
by npor December 31, 2005
Gangsta ass motherfucker who don't take no shit from nobody.
npor is owning me, hardcore.
by npor April 12, 2005
A dialect used either by people who think they are cool, or hackers (and people pretending to be hackers.) Involves replacing letters with numbers and/or symbols that look like them (and sometimes don't), and often mispelling, changing and abbreviating words. (SoMeTiMeS wRiTtEn LiKe ThIs) Is usually barely readable, and sometimes incoherent.

see npor
0mg y0u ar3 l33t man!!!
by npor April 12, 2005
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