leet or |_33+ is the language used by hackers
|-|4<|{3|^ 4 3\/4 (translation from leet: Hacker 4 ever)
by Xiinazz February 23, 2007
A dialect used either by people who think they are cool, or hackers (and people pretending to be hackers.) Involves replacing letters with numbers and/or symbols that look like them (and sometimes don't), and often mispelling, changing and abbreviating words. (SoMeTiMeS wRiTtEn LiKe ThIs) Is usually barely readable, and sometimes incoherent.

see npor
0mg y0u ar3 l33t man!!!
by npor April 12, 2005
Abreviated form of the word "elite" often used in chatrooms and message boards; though mainstream popularized by the game Quake, where the l337 routinely fragged the hell out of lamers (unLee7 web-vermin). The "language", as it were, is generally characterized by the phonetic misspelling of words and replacement of various letters with numbers and symbols.
1|>|-| j00 (4|\|'7 |234|) 7|-|15, `/005 |\|07 L33+ 817(|-|
by stryph November 27, 2003
Something that is totally and utterly useless.
Omg Jimmy, Sallyshoehore is so Leet!
by <ReSuReCtIoN> November 12, 2008
Awesome! Sweet! Cool! etc.
Oh my god! those shoes are so leet
by Bill the taco guy May 18, 2008
Commonly used type of chatting or typing on the internet used by kids who think they are hackers.
13 Year old Billy comes home from school and goes on an internet chatroom.

"1 4M §0 1337. 1 H4X0R Y0U!"
by Justin Austin January 19, 2005
an internet slang term for a fat nobody who posesses much knowledge of programming who are known to boot, or kick, people off the internet. examples of these people can be seen in chat rooms, most notably Yahoo! chat.
uberhalopwner: "I can kick anyone out of this chat room"
6packunopened: "Yeah right, dont pretend to be a leet"
by RoflicerOfTheLawl January 13, 2008
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