What it says after 800 Submissions On urban dictionary.
You've made 800 decisions so far. Leet.
by 1b August 29, 2008
an internet slang term for a fat nobody who posesses much knowledge of programming who are known to boot, or kick, people off the internet. examples of these people can be seen in chat rooms, most notably Yahoo! chat.
uberhalopwner: "I can kick anyone out of this chat room"
6packunopened: "Yeah right, dont pretend to be a leet"
by RoflicerOfTheLawl January 13, 2008
Derived from "elite", used to express satisfaction or excellence. Known to online circles (most popular amongst gamers) as an elevated status in something or someone. Also gave way to "leet-speak" which uses miss-matched characters, instead of letters, to form sentence structure. Leet-speak has no general form, and is left open to the translator's imagination when written.
"j00 n00b5 4|23 n0 m4tch 4 meh l33tn3$$!!1"
"0 \/\/ /\/ 3 |) \/\/ | *|* |-| 3 4 $ '/ !!!1!1"
by sir_ralphie May 21, 2005
Short for elite, leet represents exactly what elite stands for and more. Confined to mainly hard-core gamer use.
Damn, that kid is leet.
by Jeff April 15, 2004
A dialect used either by people who think they are cool, or hackers (and people pretending to be hackers.) Involves replacing letters with numbers and/or symbols that look like them (and sometimes don't), and often mispelling, changing and abbreviating words. (SoMeTiMeS wRiTtEn LiKe ThIs) Is usually barely readable, and sometimes incoherent.
0Mg D00d U r t3h fu><0r3d! d0nt u kNpW u rn7 spp0zEd 2 sp33k 1337 pN tihs pH0RuM?


by Bundle Of Sticks April 04, 2004
A language commonly used by people in chatrooms. Mostly by guys who use the word dude. Known by people who don't know how to spell using Alphabet letters.
$w33t-n3$$ M4N!
by Toshi January 07, 2004
a very fuckin, gay, nerdy language used by nerds to confuse those who dont give a shit. or for lazy typists who want to save a couple miliseconds.
Nerd Version. hA man u gOts UbeR leet haX Skilz. u so totly pwned Lazy Version. c u l8er h8 2 go
by kill'o dude June 29, 2010

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