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when a girl dance for a guy. guy sits on chair, and girl gyrates all over his crotch. basically dry humping/dry sex. gives both people pleasure.
i came home from work and found my girl sitting on the chair wearing just a red g-string. i came next to her and sexy up beat music came on. she told me to sit on the chair and started to give me a lap dance. her boobs were bouncing all over the place and she started to take my clothes off. she then straddled on top of me and started humping on my crotch. her breats in my face. she then pulled out the whipped cream and sprayed it all over her boobs and cleavage, she grapped the hair from the back of my head and smothered my head in the whipped cream and continued to hump my crotch when i came up from thr cream i picked her up and carried her to the bed, with the whipped cream. and the rest is too good for u!
by i<3dickss August 21, 2011
when a man places his dick between his lady's big boobs and thrusts til he ejaculates all over her face, hair, mouth, boobs, u name it. the bigger the tits, the better :) he preteneds that the boobs are the vagina, and thrusts with all of his might. it pleasures him more than the girl.
during a commercial nick turned to me and asked if he could titty fuck me because he's been hard all day and has been wanting to all day. so i said fine. he took his boxers off and i took off my bra allowing my 36 DD to meet his meaty 8 in cock. i got into position and allowed his penis between my boobs and he began thrusting. i thought it wud be nice to give him head while doing this, so i did. he enjoyed every minute of it. after 3 minutes of thrusting, and humping he reached his orgasm and i swallowed the cum off my face and he said that he wud repay me in the morning with morning sex. and man did he repay me :)
by i<3dickss August 18, 2011
there are 2 ways, between a girl with a big booty and big tits, and a guy

1.) girl rubs her ass all over the guys crotch til he gets a woody. the guy holds onto her hips and pulls her in and has control over her. the guy gets pleasure, girl just has fun. and u sway back and forth gyrating to an upbeat/rap song

2.) same as first definitionn just both ppl face eachother and rub their crotches together. this time both people enjoy it. the guy can hold onto her ass, or to her boobs. girl can do the same. this way can lead to making out, or even further
at the club i saw this hottie with a nice ass and big tits. so i went up to her, grabbed her hips and pulled her booty onto my crotch. she had no problem grinding on me. just after 1 minute of dirty dancing i got a woody. she then turned around and we were rubbing our crotches together. she then took it farther and started to french kiss. we then left the dance floor and walked over to the couch and started to fuck. after that i took her home with me and fucked the shit out of her.
by i<3dickss August 21, 2011
when u put ur hand down the shirt of ur lover and feel/squeeze their boob. or put ur hand down their pants and feel their vagina or dick, u can even give a hand job, or finger them. anything to make them kinky.
nick and i have been going out for 3 months and last night we got to second base. after dinner he walked me back to my place i let him in and showed him my bed room, we started kissing, and it got very intimate and steamy. we started to french kiss which is first base and then i took off my shirt and let him feel and kiss my breasts. i ripped of his shirt with my teeth and kissed his abs and licked evey single inch oh his chest starting with his neck, and gave him a hickey. it got steamy again and i cud feel him reach into my pants, i said i wasent ready for that, and he respected that, so we just felt eachother on top. but he said that he wudnt mind if i felt him up, so i did. and man did he have a stiffy. i didnt want him to go so we just dry humped, but man was it great. i also gave him a blowjob for coming back to my place
by i<3dickss August 18, 2011

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