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14 definitions by Belinda

When multiple partners, usually 3 or more, engage in sexual intercourse with a single willing partner. (If partner is unwilling it is called gang rape).
My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday and with his permission I allowed them to gangbang me.
by Belinda September 21, 2004
When a group of three people join together for sexual pleasure.
My best friend asked me to join she and her husband for a threesome.
by Belinda November 05, 2004
A male used specifically by females for pleasure and fun when their husband or boy friend is not giving them enough attention or in case of break up or divorce.
I need to find myself a boy toy.
by Belinda April 14, 2004
An erotic dance that a female performs while straddling the lap of another person(typically male).
My husband enjoys watching me give his friends lap dances.
by Belinda November 05, 2004
A blow job which incorporates a gentle humming while performing the duty to increase stimulation.
My husband asked me to give his boss a hummer to thank him for giving him a promotion.
by Belinda November 05, 2004
a synonym for semen, baby batter is a salty tasting bodily fluid which combined with the egg of an ovulating female can result in pregnancy.
You had better wear a condom to catch your baby batter my husband will flip if I get preggers.
by Belinda November 05, 2004
A sexually uninhibited married woman with both the freedom and inclination/desire to enjoy sex with both her husband and other men.
I am a hot wife and my husband loves it.
by Belinda November 05, 2004