An acronym for the widely-used phrase "Let a nigga know."
-"What's goin down tonight hay?"
-"I'm not sure yet."
-"When you find out, LANK, aight?"
-"Aight, my nig. I'll holla."
by Kessel S. December 09, 2006
Top Definition
South African slang, is used to give emphasis to something (a replacement for very). Mostly used amongst surfers, but has become incresingly prolific amongst young people in South Africa.
That guy's lank scary
That sandwich looks lank dodgy
by skitzodee September 13, 2005
A further set of popular South African senses beyond the most common "very" are those meaning "many", "a lot" or "very much"
There were lank people on the beach that day.

In an attempt to lose weight, he's been running lank.

She's really nice; I dig her lank.
by Quarkman October 18, 2006
a person that is lanky.
"You are the biggest lank ever. Just look at that other gangly little lank walk around like a stick with shoes."
by onehandlovestheother May 23, 2006
L.A.N.K. - Let a nigga know. Used when plans are uncertain or up in the air and confirmation is needed.
"Yo what's going on tonight? We still finna clown on some hoes or what? L.A.N.K.
by deejaydaze April 23, 2010
The action of one forcibly grabbing someone else’s face and smearing their hand across the said face or in some cases the eye. This action is used to generally humiliate the lankee and show the dominance and superiority of the lanker. There are varying degrees of a lank ranging from the gentle eye smear to the violent dual hand multiple swipes. A lank can be performed by sneaking up on the lankee or face to face.
“Aw man you just got lanked!”
“It’s alright I’ll lank him back so hard he’ll have stretch marks on his face.”
by Rudolf Schmit February 22, 2007
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