a limp, floppy wiener.
me: katies a lank wanker
kasey: fasho

me and kasey hang like a lank wiener
by lank wieners are wierd June 20, 2004
used after skank or before tank(only if preceded by an original skank) referring to something being more of a skank.
person1: what a skank lank.
person2: lank tank (in agreement)
by Phloop October 12, 2003
A huge Dick,Enormous peen
girl my man got a god damn lank
by dont worry March 03, 2005
A two headed penis with hair on the head jutting out of an ass.
Your lank looks extra fluffy today, let me stroke it with this large spatula.
by danson March 21, 2005
disquisting, gross, anything entertaining.
Eww, she had sex with him, thats lank --
by seirra February 02, 2005

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