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A tree dwelling member of the weasel family, known for its exquisite fur. They hunt squirrels.
Imagine a chocolate brown mink (or ferret). Now make the snout and ears a little longer and pointier. Lengthen the legs and tail too. It looks a little foxy. Now, imagine it running through tree branches like a squirrel -- only faster. This is the squirrel munching marten. It is in the same family as the mink and the ferret, it is not a "fox cat".
by Jill Gibb July 04, 2006

The coolest fucker going and is the real definition of a LAD.
He is a really hot and handsome looking fella, and always gets the girls.
On nights out he will happily 'take one for the team' to help out his best buddies.
He is a beautiful human being form the outside aswel as the inside.
Girls find him irresistible because of his charm and his looks.
He is a true LAD and anyone that knows a Marten should be honored.
Look at him getting all the girls , what a Marten.
by MartenLAD August 06, 2012
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