The action of one forcibly grabbing someone else’s face and smearing their hand across the said face or in some cases the eye. This action is used to generally humiliate the lankee and show the dominance and superiority of the lanker. There are varying degrees of a lank ranging from the gentle eye smear to the violent dual hand multiple swipes. A lank can be performed by sneaking up on the lankee or face to face.
“Aw man you just got lanked!”
“It’s alright I’ll lank him back so hard he’ll have stretch marks on his face.”
by Rudolf Schmit February 22, 2007
A term derived from 'planking' & 'walking' it literally means to plank in-front of someone who is trying to get somewhere.

Lanking was founded by members of ''WWDD''
(what we do daily)
''dude i think that kid looks like a perfect victim to lank on''
''dude that kid was liek OMG! when i lank'd him''
by Willsgotbeer October 03, 2011
Typically describes a loser who can always make you smile no matter what the topic. Not to be confused with a ruhtard, although a "lank" and a "ruhtard" have very similar personalities. The word originated from Bolton, Ontario a small town full of italians and one silly serbian :)
Isn't ninja a martial art? :$" "No your just a lank :)
by sw33tbrad24:) July 23, 2010
'Lanks' is a nickname for someone who is Lovely, Awesome, Nice, Kool (with a 'K' because its cooler like that), and Saucy.

"Dude Radhika is definitely Lanks "
by whodoyouthink?? March 30, 2009
a very sexy person who will often boat your boots.
"man that girls a total lank."
"yeah...i wish she'd boat my boots."
by da1798234590238465 June 03, 2007
Lanky, Prone to being lank
Evan Marten is a Lank, You could blow him over with your breath
by Elliot McElliot March 11, 2008
describing a person who is considered to be wack or a loser
Mane, shut yo lank ass up.
by Grei Boi May 16, 2006

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