To be outed by someone in the public media. To be forced to reveal one is homosexual.
Lance Bass was outed by the media, specifically by a blogger. He was lanced.
by Karen_ November 07, 2006
Top Definition
To win a competition through illegitimate methods, particularly in the French Alps.
Noah lanced his way to victory in the "2010 Poop-Eating Olympics" on Mount Blanc by covering his plate of feces in brown sugar.
by French Cycling Organization July 23, 2010
To jynx or put a hex on a sports team. Also to make fun of someone in a sarcastic way.
Hey Lance how are the Met's looking today with that 4-3 lead. Lanced: "They are a lock to win" Lanced "Rangers are a lock to beat the Capitals"
by Sportsfan101 April 29, 2009
7. To be lied to repeatedly and unrepentantly by a narcissist.
"I'm getting divorced. I'm sick and tired of being LANCED."
by SherLee January 16, 2013
To be caught doing something wrong and disgraced in front of a large group of people (as happened to Lance Armstrong which is obviously where the word comes from).

served owned caught found found out hated
They finally figured out that secretary has been stealing the petty cash & blaming everyone else - they pulled stolen money out of her desk in front of everyone!

Oh man she totally got lanced!!!

served owned caught found found out hated
by Smashers242 January 16, 2013
To lose a game and or sport by one ball (billiards)
I played a game of pool and got lanced! That joker must have hustled me.
by WahDahTah September 23, 2010
1) a cyclist who is high or about to get high off marijuana.

2) a slang term used between cyclists in Los Angeles in dedication towards Lance Armstrong's successes in the tour de france while being high as fuck.

3) you can also use the words "full armstrong" for taking dabs off the skillet.

4) finishing a "tour" means smoking a blunt.

- original creator of the word lives in North Hollywood, CA. You'll see him on a sticker bombed steel frame rocking a FLIGHT CREW jersey.
1) yo, im about to go hit some LANCE.

2) ma nig, Im LANCED the fuck out.

3)where the LANCE at?

4) I'm on that FULL ARMSTRONG.

5) roll by, I'm on my 3rd TOUR.
by Obviousisme February 03, 2014
A new term for celebrities who have been forced to reveal they're gay. Usually it begins when an article about the person possibly being gay appears on
Can you believe Doogie Howser just got lanced?
by ChristinaFL November 07, 2006
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