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A song by the band All-American Rejects. Also, a name for a guy or girl that you don't want your friends knowing about.
Steve is my dirty little secret.
by ChristinaFL September 28, 2005
When a girl is out with a group of her girl friends and she asks a reliable girl friend to give her a heads up if her nips are visible.
My friend Tracey was so on nip alert last night after I wore that halter top.
by ChristinaFL September 28, 2005
a word meaning "craziness"
Can you believe gas prices these days? It's loconess!
by ChristinaFL September 06, 2005
The name of Paris Hilton's newest pet. This time, it is a monkey. It was reported that Paris was lingerie shopping in NYC and the monkey bit and clawed Paris in the face!
I bet Tinkerbell is jealous of the newest pet on the block, Baby Luv.
by ChristinaFL November 18, 2005
Laughing My F*cking Ass Off Permanently
When my friend Brian said he got laid last weekend, I ended up LMFAOP for an hour.
by ChristinaFL March 01, 2006
A new term for celebrities who have been forced to reveal they're gay. Usually it begins when an article about the person possibly being gay appears on www.PerezHilton.com.
Can you believe Doogie Howser just got lanced?
by ChristinaFL November 07, 2006

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