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TV's number one scene stealer.
Actors: Hey we were doing a scene!
Neil Patrick Harris: Too bad, it's mine baby!!!
by Freezing the Mainstream July 17, 2006
575 82
Neil Patrick Harris: "I bet nobody in history has ever licked the Liberty Bell. If someone were to pull that off, I daresay it would be - what's the word? LEGENDARY."
by anteko February 11, 2009
554 93
He is cute, sensitive, funny, and thoughtful. He is... The one, true God. He hugged Elmo, and it was adorable. He will rule the world as Dr. Horrible. He eats shrooms in Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay. Mind you, he sang on Sesame Street. Oh, he was on Broadway too. :)
"Nothing Neil Patrick Harris says is unwise" - John Cho
by smallaznmouse September 06, 2008
364 67
1) God.

2) The only gay guy that can be attractive to a straight woman.
Damn, Neil Patrick Harris is fine.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 08, 2009
355 89
the chuck norris of gay people
"Whenever i'm sad i stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story" Neil Patrick Harris
by dude-sama September 26, 2010
312 54
Neil Patrick Harris knows all.
by CrimsonKitty May 13, 2009
278 99
Harold and Kumars' friend in Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay. Neil makes his appearance in a bad ass sort of way, picking up Harold and Kumar on a road while listening to Check Yo' Self by Ice Cube. Neil eats a bag of mushrooms once they get to a traffic stop. He then greatly hallucinates , seeing unicorns and colorful tornadoes along the way. Neil decides to "get his fuck on" in a local whore house. He makes the mistake of ironing a bitches ass and in return, gets shot in the back by the lead bitch of the house. He was greatly missed.
"Today dawns a new day.. and Neil Patrick Harris isn't here to witness it."
by Risown January 28, 2009
178 72