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1. Some female hacker.
2. Shorter term for "Serial Experiments Lain," the #1 best anime in existance.
This show isn't making complete sense to me. Oh well.
by dj gs68 July 18, 2003
105 19
The omniprescence in Wired.
Who is Lain?
by JiaXue October 31, 2003
57 18
a female who has exceptional computer skills, like hacking and programming
Comes from the anime "Serial Experiments Lain"
by Conan March 27, 2003
55 26
n. (truncation of chamberlain)
1. One so proficient with computers and the internet as to be the gatekeeper of the Wired existance.
2. An unstoppable, undeniable, seemingly omnipotent hacker.

(mostly female)
"Only lain can smoke port 6666 on our router that fast."
by Walkure April 15, 2003
34 8
Parting sentiment. Good-bye.

Occured as logical progression from see you later to later to lates to late.

Attributed to Rudy and Chito.
"We'll see you later, buddy."
"Alright man, lain"
by TDB December 08, 2004
11 22
(LAIN) Lain Area Information Network; the predecessor to the the acronym (LAN) Local Area Information Network.
I'm not connected to the internet directly, I'm connected through our LAIN
by Rodger Aiken November 03, 2004
7 23