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to score a 100% on a test, in reference to Wilt Chamberlain's NBA record of 100 points in a single game.
Man i'm gonna Chamberlain this fucking test nigga I studied fo 3 hours.
by disneysucks December 08, 2007
v. to give a savage beating likely to leave an opponent or assailant alive within an inch of his life.
"Mannnnnnnn, he just got Chamberlained!"

"Sire, three of our missionaries were Chamberlained at the bridge. They rest in the infirmary, unlikely to live."
by Tuco LaBlanca April 14, 2008
A small town in South Dakota sometimes referred to as "Backwash." There are 2 seasons in Chamberlain - winter and summer. The town is filled with smelly farmers and 4 out of 5 people you come across will be sporting some ugly cowboy boots. The people of Chamberlain are very religious and also very ignorant. Most of the people that leave the town will eventually come back because most of them can't make it in the real world.
Where does that idiot hail from? Chamberlain, South Dakota.
by The One Who Escaped April 19, 2011
Descending from the race of ancient pedophiles and homosexuals, a Chamberlain is usually a small impotent faggot. Accustomed to regularly signing away their countries; i.e. handing Britain's ass to the all-powerful Hitler, only to awake the next morning to see Dolfy terrorizing your island... FAIL. They also are accustomed to promising bobble head dolls, but fail to perform their end of the deal.
"That kid Peter G is such a Chamberlain!!"
by The Boss The Lord February 26, 2009
n. A term used to describe a woman who keeps coins in her vagina.
v. the act of holding coins within ones vagina.
also "Chamberlaining" v. the act of shooting coins out of ones vagina.
When I won the slots the coins shot out like a woman chamberlaining.
by Coin Purse May 13, 2006
A rather attractive pudgy zoning inspector. An object of affection to woman everywhere.
That stripper could be a chamberlain
by BIG B daddy October 17, 2006
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