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(noun) Tagalog; Called SMEGMA in medical terms, it is a yellowish paste-like substance found inside the skin of an uncircumcised human penis.

(adj.) Tagalog term used to describe an annoying, stupid, dumb and/or foolish person.
(as a noun) Ang dami mong kupal, kadiri! - You got a lot of smegma, gross!

(as an adj.) Tingnan mo ginawa mo! Kupal ka talaga! - Look what you've done! You are so kupal!
by The Nur November 21, 2003
smegma... bad smelling white piece of crap in your penis. taena!
taenang tong kupal na to. ang baho! puta!
by twistedpopo August 18, 2004
nagtututong, mabahong dumi sa titi ng supot
tang inang titi yan!!!!! hugasan mo, ang daming kupal.
by neb January 26, 2004
The dirt on the head of an uncircumsized penis
alisin mo yang kupal sa titi mo!
by Bondying October 14, 2003
In Polish it means a very big shit.
Zrobilem dzis kupala.
by Kasia i Magda March 06, 2005
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