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(Noun)Part of the hand used for holding, grasping or touching an object

(Verb)The act of inserting one or all of the fingers in the vagina or anus for sexual pleasure.
(As a noun)Hold the card with your fingers only.

(As a verb)Holy shit! Check out that chic fingering her pussy! Damn!
by The Nur November 20, 2003
(noun) Tagalog; Called SMEGMA in medical terms, it is a yellowish paste-like substance found inside the skin of an uncircumcised human penis.

(adj.) Tagalog term used to describe an annoying, stupid, dumb and/or foolish person.
(as a noun) Ang dami mong kupal, kadiri! - You got a lot of smegma, gross!

(as an adj.) Tingnan mo ginawa mo! Kupal ka talaga! - Look what you've done! You are so kupal!
by The Nur November 21, 2003
(adj.) Tagalog term for Stupid, dumb and/or foolish.
'Bat asin ang nilagay mo sa kape ko!? Sobrang tanga mo talaga! Umalis ka sa harap ko! - Why did you put salt on my coffee!? You are so very stupid/dumb/foolish. Get out of my face!
by The Nur November 21, 2003
(noun)Penis, dick or cock.
Ang tigas ng TITI ng tatay ni Tito Tirso.

Uncle Tirso's father has a hard DICK.
by The Nur November 20, 2003
(Adjective)A person who goes into a situation wherein his presence is not needed or in a place he does not belong. This person may be annoying or not in that instance.
Boy 1:"Anong ginagawa niyang gagong yan diyan?"
Boy 2:"Wala. Epal na naman."

Boy 1:"What's the hell is that fool doin' there?"
Boy 2:"Nothing. Epal again."
by The Nur November 20, 2003
1. Tagalog term for SPOILED usually used to describe food.
2. A tagalog expression used by Filipino basketball fans when a player leaves his defender behind with a crossover, shoots over a taller defender, drives to the basket getting fouled and making the shot, doing a hangtime shot to the basket with a defnder over him, or dunking on somebody.
1. Huwag mo nang kainin yan. Panis na yan. (Do not eat that. It's spoiled already.)

2. Michael Jordan drives and dunks over Dikembe Mutombo. The Filipino viewers cheered: "Panis ka, Mutombo!!"
by The Nur November 21, 2003

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