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Tagalog/Filipino for a person who is not circumsised. Also means "bag", you probably know why...
Ako ang tagatuli... at nandito ka para matuli diba?! So... supot ka no?!

- I'm the surgeon... and you're here to have your circumsision eh!? So... you're a whistledick?! -
by Mananabas April 18, 2006
83 52
Filipino word meaning uncircumcised, but in an unfavorable, derogatory manner. Someone who is supot is not a man in Filipino society; someone who is dirty and unclean and still a child; almost like a Filipino curse word because to call a male supot is to ridicule him for being uncircumcised.
That dude is supot so none of the girls will go out with him.
by Jason Corrigan July 10, 2008
74 48
1. titing hindi pa tuli
2. lalaking may edad na, ngunit maliit
pa rin ang boses.
1. supot ako! e ano ngayon sa 'yo?
2. supot ako! at 24 na taong gulang na ako. e ano ngayon sa 'yo?
by bauglir May 16, 2004
35 54