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expression ng mga pilipino, hindi pwedeng hindi masabi sa isang araw. putang ina mo ka buhay ka pa!!!
putang ina mo rin!!!!
by neb January 26, 2004
a cool robe originating in Japan. It's usually made of silk and feels like heaven! They have existed for thousands of years in some form and are so cool!

Kimonos will get you waved through the security at JapanFest and and get PPL asking you questions like you're some important person, and they'll want to tak epics of you.

There are many different types of kimono with different names.
I went to Japanfest wearing a kimono. It was OSM
by Neb July 27, 2004
nagtututong, mabahong dumi sa titi ng supot
tang inang titi yan!!!!! hugasan mo, ang daming kupal.
by neb January 26, 2004
A town near the sunny beaches of bournmouth. Its small and insignificant compared to bournmouth's blue beaches. Its full to the brim with old people who come floking out of there homes on a thursday to collect there pension and make it impossible to move round the town a your surrounded by old smelly wrinkly people. Ferndown upper school is more like ferndown institute for the disorderly as it is turning into a prison with huge fences and is ocupied by more kakkers and chavs than mc donalds!
Ferndown-the dumping ground for the elderly
by neb February 14, 2005
An unpleasant, negative, angery person who's always getting in your hair imposing on you and making life suck.
My parents are pricks coz they always impose their will on me and they even think they're entitled to tell me what I am allowed to like.
by Neb July 27, 2004
An expression of celebration or happiness
OMFG 10 Headshots in a row!! w00t w00t!!
by neb October 20, 2003
someone who is infatuated with Japanese traditional clothing and often can be seen wearing it. This person knows all the different types of kimono, their names, and their history. This person will often take the position of being opposed to modern clothing.
I'm a kimono phile coz I collect and wear kimonos and have the ability to judge the quality of a kimono by touching it and seeing how light shines on it.
by Neb July 27, 2004
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