crazy, off the hook, insane
that party was krunked out cuz
by d1ddY September 11, 2003
Often used in phrases such as 'stay krunk' and 'these people are krunk', Krunk is a word used to describe people (generally) that are cool/down/keeping it real.
Stay Krunk Man, Peace
by K~ August 10, 2003
1. used in replace as tyte, cool, da bomb... means cool basicaly
2.trying to start something
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
robust innovation like a lightning speed with only a virtual concept which stays forever.
krunk is like when you had planned something to develop and forgot, and one day suddenly you got krunked the idea and developed the concept.
by krunkjan4 January 27, 2011
a word meaning cool, sweet, awesome etc. used to describe someting as being good or entertaining.
Sally: "how did you like the party?"
Jill: "that party was mad krunk!"

Greg: "hey guys check out my new ride"
Louis: " man that car is krunk!"
by Mabry May 23, 2007
a descriptive word that is positive. it can be used at any time as long as it is used as an adjective and as something that you consider positive.
The party last night was krunk!
Let's get it krunk in here.
by ahaha losers November 24, 2005
Krazy and Drunk at the same time...
Kristin and I got KRUNK in da club yo...DAMN SHAWTY
by Clay_Yooooo July 29, 2005
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