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3 definitions by sloan14

One whose sexual diet consists exclusively of vagina. One who only eats "pussy". Can be heterosexual male or homosexual female.

Slang: "Vage" (rhymes with badge)
Sally: "Oh, I'm sorry Bob, you're really cute and all, but I'm a vagitarian."

Bob: "That's cool, I'm a vage too!"
by sloan14 March 22, 2005
A silent fart. Usually more foul smelling than an audible fart. S-ART.
Shit, step away, I just sarted and it's gonna be rank.
by sloan14 March 17, 2005
A description for fake, nasty, false teeth that are removable and worn to feign more of a ghetto background or credability. Or removable silver or gold tooth coverings.
She's into the boys that are all "krunked" out.
by sloan14 March 17, 2005