A combination of the words chronic and "kava drunk". To be intoxicated from Cannabis sativa and Piper methysticum simultaneously.
She drank too much kava and smoked too much chronic and she was KRUNK.
by KRUNK TAM March 06, 2006
a descriptive word that is positive. it can be used at any time as long as it is used as an adjective and as something that you consider positive.
The party last night was krunk!
Let's get it krunk in here.
by ahaha losers November 24, 2005
Krazy and Drunk at the same time...
Kristin and I got KRUNK in da club yo...DAMN SHAWTY
by Clay_Yooooo July 29, 2005
A highly unexpected moment when a young man drives a car a distance which empties a full tank of gas. When the moment happens, the person is said to achieved his "Moment of Krunk." Derived from the words, trunk and Kan of gas. Once "Moment of Krunk" has been achieved, one will from then on be known as a Tankler.
1) He is going to get his Krunk.
2) Add another Tankler to the list, he just got Krunk.
3) Shhh, im trying to have a "Moment of Krunk", dont make me turn this car around!.
by Andrew Rains July 11, 2005
The illeterate's way of spelling "Crunk"
Write down 1 word that describes a baller in a club at 3 am.
Person 1: Krunk
Person 2: Crunk is spelled with a C you dumbass mofo!
Person 1: Oh. (Throws Up) Damn Hangover!
by U Lick Mangina June 28, 2005
crazy drunk; a fiddycenterism contracted from the words "Krazy" and "Drunk"
"Last night at tha club we was tippin' forties gettin' sooo Krunk!"
by Ted Smith June 25, 2005
A variation of "Crunk" (crazy drunk) which also involves occasional bumps of ketamine.
"be careful when getting Krunk if you mix to much your respitory system will shut down"
by dancefloor.tragedy May 24, 2005

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