Krazy and Drunk at the same time...
Kristin and I got KRUNK in da club yo...DAMN SHAWTY
by Clay_Yooooo July 29, 2005
The illeterate's way of spelling "Crunk"
Write down 1 word that describes a baller in a club at 3 am.
Person 1: Krunk
Person 2: Crunk is spelled with a C you dumbass mofo!
Person 1: Oh. (Throws Up) Damn Hangover!
by U Lick Mangina June 28, 2005
crazy drunk; a fiddycenterism contracted from the words "Krazy" and "Drunk"
"Last night at tha club we was tippin' forties gettin' sooo Krunk!"
by Ted Smith June 25, 2005
A variation of "Crunk" (crazy drunk) which also involves occasional bumps of ketamine.
"be careful when getting Krunk if you mix to much your respitory system will shut down"
by dancefloor.tragedy May 24, 2005
"The Infragable Krunk"

character on 90's-2000 cartoon "Dexters Laboratory"
Large Purple man, slightly below average intelligence, likes chips and cats and to BONK things.

Best Friends - Van Halen and Major Glory
"Krunk must see a dentist, should he not?" - Van Halen
by Scott & Chris May 03, 2005
When you're high and drunk at the same freakin time
Lets get KRUNK! Like Lil JON and the EAStside Boyz! YEEEAAHHH!
by Bobby Bouchea May 02, 2005
when one consumes too much of an alcoholic beverage and begins to have sexual interactions with random people. fucking crazy bastards
ta get krunk in da club yo.
by becky b. and lauren p. April 19, 2005
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