someone or something that was off da chain, cool, tight, evorything, if you get one I'm saying.
Only krunk folks allowed
That girl is 2 krunk
by Cassidy's girl June 11, 2004
1) to describe somthing as broken or messed up.

2) cool or chilled
1) i fell down the stairs and now my foot is all krunked up.

2) krunk-uncle-pumpkin
by krunkfoot April 05, 2004
to get jiggy with it.
to get mad crazy yo..
"Get me krunk" uhhhhhhhng nah nah nah nah..
by white kong June 04, 2004
krunk might originate from the German word "krank" (pronounced like krunk) which means sick.
You're krunk, man!
by Living Dust May 25, 2004
Something that is wicked or above average.
Yo, that shit is krunk.
Your right.
by EDGE November 04, 2003
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