A racial slur people from Quebec. A mix of cank and frog.
Fucking krogs, no one likes them. I wish quebec would sink into the ocean.
by cole December 01, 2006
Top Definition
The word krog originates from the grocery store "Kroger." A krog is someone who buys important goods there, not groceries. These goods could be anything, such as shoes, clothes, or dildos. It can be used to insult someone in just about any situation.
Wow look at that krog over there in the all black new balance shoes and sleeveless T.
by jfisha December 15, 2009
Krog is a verb that is a synonym of tea bagging. Its origin stems from the grocery store, Kroger. Remember before krogging someone, be sure to ask,"Paper or plastic?"
Dude! After swinging my Richard around, I totally krogged her.
by Swinging Richard October 28, 2010
This rugby house DJ likes to travel to many college campus with his buddy Karkov. Very tall fellow with a nace chin strap and an insane tolerance. Possibly the best broomball fan ever, and founder of the 5 shots in 5 mins and also 6 shots in 6 mins.
Look what krog is holding in this bag.
by dave February 08, 2005
A Combo of every racist slur in the world.

An example of the filthiest person in the world, doesn't even have paved roads
I saw a few fucking Krogs eating bugs, damn those Krogs don't got paved roads
by Cycongod1 June 17, 2009
a very very very big loser
kind of like pee wee hermen
by lil s February 09, 2005
A person who is a prime example of what shitty things alcohol will do to you.
Look! That guy's a TOTAL KROG! He doesn't do anything but drink and go to work and get lame hookups.
by jthugsucks February 19, 2005
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