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An extremely cheap brand of vodka consumed mostly by high schoolers and penny pinchers.
You'll see why its that damn cheap the next morning.
"OMG did you goto Brian's party friday?"
"Yeah I would've rather not have gone."
"How come?"
"I got shitty black'd out and woke up next to Ulga with a headache this big."
"Ohhh I take it you were champin the Karkov huh?"
by PurplePlayboy December 26, 2008
A low-grade vodka chosen by many underage drinkers that results in horrific hangovers and many bad decisions. Being only $13.99 for a plastic 1.75, many college students chose to drink this in the form of shots, pulls, and mixed drinks. Very few "champs" can take it down without a chaser.
"Dude, sick you bought Karkrash?" -typical underage drinker
"What do you want from the liquor store?"-a 21-year-old
"A 1.75 of Karkov"- a response from a very poor college student
by Badassmothafucka212 March 01, 2010
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