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'keep right on'. Usually written by fans of Birmingham City Football Club at the end of a message about the club - it is the main song that is sung by the fans.
Come on you blues!
by gwkbcfc March 03, 2008
47 16
London slang for Dro, commonly known as weed or marijuana.
Bill: I really need a zoot
Ben: Then you need to get some Kro first
by General P October 05, 2008
14 7
A type of hair(strand), usually ethnic which is very thick,dry, course and unrulely. It does not get wet when submerged in water
That girl has a head full of kroes hair. Shame!
by lynlyon February 03, 2009
5 0
(n.) - Maltese mythology. The god of love, sexual yearning and desire.

KRoStju (n.) - The god's reincarnation. His sexual prowess is legendary. Sports a 9 incher and guaranteed to drown you in his cum.
"Ghandek zobb daqs ta' KRoS" - You're dick is as impressive as god Kros'.

"KRoS biss iserrahni" - Only the god Kros can satiate my libido.
by Lorraine May 26, 2004
8 4
A cool Maltese guy. Born in 1978. His intelligence and sexual power will be legendary in the future.
Kemm inti Kros! (Your r so gr8)
by Kros August 26, 2003
7 4
To hit a baseball way beyond the confines of the field (usually over 400 feet)
"Oh my god! That Georgetown pitcher just got Kro'd!"
by kromclovinfasho November 09, 2009
3 6
korean Ragnarok Online
"Hey, did you download the new kRO patch?"
by sgvserpent March 31, 2005
14 18