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5 definitions by Kros

Gay in an offensive manner.
A Pufta!
Li ma kontx Pufta!
by Kros August 29, 2003
Football team from Milan. Founded in 1908. Also known as Internazionale. A team about passion, friendship and uncertainty, in good and bad.
Inter beat Milan 3-0.
Inter Rock!
Forza Inter!
by Kros August 26, 2003
Inti Liba! Used to heavily offend people in the Maltese Language
by Kros August 25, 2003
A cool Maltese guy. Born in 1978. His intelligence and sexual power will be legendary in the future.
Kemm inti Kros! (Your r so gr8)
by Kros August 26, 2003
Male twenty something youngster from Malta. Very keen on morale values, virginity and geekism.
I can't go out with that Girl. I'm Bevster!
by KRoS September 02, 2003